Coast To Coast Art 2014

Abstractions made from selected shots in the Coast-to-Coast Walk series on the 2014 hiking page
P5030363   Albert Hotel, St. Bees P5030364   Sheep for sale, St Bees P5030382   Bed and breakfast, St Bees P5030402   Old house, St Bees
P5040431   Rainy street, St Booes P5040455   Gorse, St Bees P5040492   St Bees Priory P5040502   Old graves, St Bees
P5040506   Hedgerow, St Bees P5040511   St Bees School P5040519   Sea-fret, St Bees Head P5050607   Ovine fire, St Bees Head
P5050626   In the thick of it, Ennerdale P5050654   Doomed larch forest, Ennerdale P5050659   Descending Dent Fell, Ennerdale P5050669   Trees, Ennerdale
P5050671   Sycamore, Ennerdale P5060697   Ennerdale Water P5060716   Spring trees, Lake District P5060721   Roots, Lake District
P5060744   Forest, Honister Valley P5060805   Rest stop, Honister Mine P5060814   Approaching Rosthwaite P5060815   Slate wall, Borrowdale
P5060821   Woods, Borrowdale P5060854   Stonethwaite Farm, Borrowdale P5060855   Flowers, Borrowdale P5070880   Paddocks. Borrowdale
P5070892   Squalls, Borrowdale P5070898   Moss becomes peat, Grasmere P5070940   Spring woods, Lake District P5070944   Overgrown wall, Grasmere
P5080014   Beck, Seat Sandal P5080042   Grisedale Beck P5080047   Parting Stone,, Grisedale P5080061   Rest hut, Grisedale
P5080069   Sheepfold, Grisedale P5080091   Woods, Glenridding P5080100   A tree endures, Glenridding P5080122   Shelter from the rain, Glenridding
P5080128   Road taken through a yellow wood, Ullswater P5080131   Stones and tree, Patterdale P5080141   The great war, Patterdale P5090155   Boathouse, Ullswater
P5090167   Morning path, Patterdale P5090181   Storm-lashed stone wall, Kidsty Pike P5090227   Randale Beck, Haweswater P5090275   Reflected trees, Haweswater
P5090276   The colors of the storm, Haweswater P5090288   Tree and bridge, Haweswater P5100316   Limestone pavement, Smardale P5100380   Market, Kirkeby Stephen
P5100392   Memmorial stone, Kirkeby Stephen P5110426   Neolithic cairns, Pennines P5110429   Peat bog, Pennines P5110452   Farmhouse, Pennines
P5110459   Catrake Force Swaledale P5110466   Stairway, Keld P5120472   May blossoms, Swaledale P5120476   Braced wall, Swaledale
P5120525   A Swaledale afternoon P5120532   Barn, Reeth P5120537   A place of refuge, Reeth P5120550   Rainy alley, Reeth
P5120555   Studios, Reeth P5120569   Ready for the Tour de France, Reeth P5130618   Room to celebrate, Richmond P5130627   High street, Richmond
P5140676   Stream, Vale of Mowbray P5140686   Forest, Vale of Mowbray P5140709   Ivied tree, Vale of Mowbray P5140730   Moor edge dorest, Ingleby Cross
P5150755   Mossy nook, Ingleby Cross P5150757   In a fern, Ingleby Cross P5150763   The silence up on top, Yorkshire Moors P5160810   Houses, Yorkshire
P5160826   Steppingstones, Eskdale P5160844   Ancient tracks, Grosmont P5160853   Washing railcars, Grosmont P5160859   Locomotive yard, Grosmont
P5160866   Departures, Grosmont P5160871   All aboard, Grosmont P5170881   Luggage, Grosmont P5170891   Canopy, Grosmont
P5170896   Eroded face, Falling Foss P5170906   Monk's cell.Falling Foss P5170920   Woods, Falling Foss P5170922   Fossil beach, Eskdale
P5170950   North Sea headland, Hawsker P5170967   Ironwork, Robin Hood's Bay P5170968   Hotel, Robin Hood's Bay P5170988   End of the trail, Robin Hood's Bay