Europe Art 2010

Scenes in France and Germany
Bicycles Harbor Guides   Harbor warning signs stored Half-Timbered Windows Konstanz Freie reichsstadt
Neuwerk Church, Ladenburg Dream Arches Heidelberger Volkermord
Flooding on the Neckar To the Castle Heidelberg AFternoon Heidelberg Castle
Homeless   Whose are these? Who knows? Allschwil Chrysanthemum   Even at this late date, garden flowers proliferate Allschwil Blossoms Kannenfeld- Leaves
Catkins Cloister Ferris Wheel Ancient Cobblestones
Bahnhof SBB Announcements Pizzeria Windows 1850
Basler Graffiti La Défense 1 La Défense 2 La Défense 3
La Défense 4 Montmartre 1 Las Fontaine, Paris Montmartre 2
Chez Eugène Tutti Sensi Le Consulat La Virgule
Révolution Librairie les Autodidactes Tuileries Tree Le Rêve
Le Train Bleu Mangeons Lyon, Cathédrale Slate
Lyon, Renaissance Quarter Street Musicians Lyon, Narrow Street Traboule
Lyon, Blue Club River Wall Mis En Scène Fresh Vegetables
Leafscape Glass Cathedral   In the Cathedral Archway Shattered
Door, WIndow, Bicycle Waterfront Park, Tournon Autumn is Coming   FRANCE - BOUCIEUX A fully restored but rather Disneyfied village near Viviers Les Réacteurs de Viviers   Back on the river toward Viviers: while American energy policy was being made by folksingers, France was getting serious about energy independence
Heading Home   A 'camping' near the boat, then broad leafy streets going into town Dark Passage Ecluse de Bollène Le Pont d'Avignon
Les Grévistes Avignon, Street Celebration Papal Palace, Avignon Door, Papal Palace
Blue Leaves Hill at Les Baux Quarry at Les Baux Underground Fire
Flag on the Hill Toy Store Square, St. Rémy Street, St Rémy
Les Arlésiennes Coliseum at Arles See and Be Seen Events
A Vendre Les Enfants de Carcassonne Market Street, Carcassonne Le Seu
Barri Gotíc Cathedral Ceiling Columns, Sagrada Familia Sagrada, Interior
Sagrada, Door Gingerbread Houses Market Street, Barcelona The Idea of Seagulls
The Great Wall of Barcelona Talgo Vine On a Wall Staircase
Winter Tree Leaves in Ice We Build Kloten 1
Kloten 2 Kloten 3 Spaniards