The Wild Wild West 2008

Abstractions derived from selected hiking pictures of 2008
P5011785   West Fork P5011803   West Fork P5011824   West Fork P5011830   West Fork
P5011855   West Fork P5061895   Munds Mountain P5061915   Munds Mountain P5061955   Munds Mountain
P5061964   Munds Mountain P5061970   Munds Mountain P5151993   Soldier Pass Arches P5152015   Soldier Pass Arches
P5152034   Soldier Pass Arches P5292168   West Clear Creek P5292172   West Clear Creek P5292188   West Clear Creek
P5292192   West Clear Creek P5292205   West Clear Creek P5292233   West Clear Creek P5292248   West Clear Creek
P5292252   West Clear Creek P5292268   West Clear Creek P6052303   Dead Horse Park P6052304   Dead Horse Park
P6052308   Dead Horse Park P6052338   Dead Horse Park P6052348   Dead Horse Park P6052391   Dead Horse Park
P6122446   Wilson Canyon P6122484   Wilson Canyon P6122487   Wilson Canyon P6192493   Fay Canyon
P6192511   Fay Canyon P6192516   Fay Canyon P6192520   Fay Canyon P6192524   Fay Canyon
P6192535   Fay Canyon P6192540 P6192548 P6262562   Mingus Mountain
P6262591   Mingus Mountain P6262595   Mingus Mountain P6262615   Mingus Mountain P6262630   Mingus Mountain
P6262636   Mingus Mountain P6262640   Mingus Mountain P6262641   Mingus Mountain P7173069   Allens Bend
P7173091   Allens Bend P7173095   Allens Bend P7173102   Allens Bend P7173107   Allens Bend
P7173137   Allens Bend P7173144   Allens Bend P7243151   Munds Wagon Trail P7243155   Munds Wagon Trail
P7243163   Munds Wagon Trail P7243207   Munds Wagon Trail P7243215   Munds Wagon Trail P7263240   Forest Road Dedication
P7263259   Forest Road Dedication P7263268   Forest Road Dedication P7263289   Forest Road Dedication P7313316   West Fork Oak Creek
P7313324   West Fork Oak Creek P7313353   West Fork Oak Creek P7313357   West Fork Oak Creek P7313359   West Fork Oak Creek
P7313367   West Fork Oak Creek P7313368   West Fork Oak Creek P7313383   West Fork Oak Creek P7313393   West Fork Oak Creek
P7313402   West Fork Oak Creek P7313407   West Fork Oak Creek P8073449   Mt. Humphreys Inner Basin P8073466   Mt. Humphreys Inner Basin
P8073483   Mt. Humphreys Inner Basin P8073498   Mt. Humphreys Inner Basin P8073508   Mt. Humphreys Inner Basin P8073522   Mt. Humphreys Inner Basin
P8073524   Mt. Humphreys Inner Basin P8143590   Fort Tuthill P8143620   Fort Tuthill P8143622   Fort Tuthill
P8143631   Fort Tuthill PA234596 1   Soldier Pass OCt 08 P5011803b   West ForkMay P8213703   Lava River Cave
P8213716   Lava River Cave P8213722   Lava River Cave P8213734   Lava River Cave P8213744   Lava River Cave
P8213790   Lava River Cave P8213799   Lava River Cave P8283804   Baby Bell P8283815   Baby Bell
P9043896   Mexican Pocket P9113929   Kelly Canyon P9113944   Kelly Canyon P9113966   Kelly Canyon
P9113972   Kelly Canyon P9113990   Kelly Canyon P9114012   Kelly Canyon P9114017   Kelly Canyon
P9184061   Griffith Spring P9184095   Griffith Spring P9184097   Griffith Spring P9184105   Griffith Spring
P9184126   Griffith Spring P9184138   Griffith Spring P9254166   Veit Spring P9254172   Veit Spring
P9254203   Veit Spring P9254223   Veit Spring P9254226   Veit Spring PA024246   Fay Canyon
PA024247   Fay Canyon PA024272   Fay Canyon PA024323   Fay Canyon PA024332   Fay Canyon
PA234607 1   Soldier Pass OCt 08 PA234618 1   Soldier Pass OCt 08 PA234639 1   Soldier Pass OCt 08 PA304730   Marg's Draw Oct 08
PB064712   Huckaby Trail Nov 08 PB064718   Huckaby Trail Nov 08 PB064724   Huckaby Trail Nov 08 PB074871-2   Cockscomb Nov 08
PB074900   Cockscomb Nov 08 PB134918   Baldwin Trail Nov 08 PB134935   Baldwin Trail Nov 08 PB134950   Baldwin Trail Nov 08
PB134962   Baldwin Trail Nov 08 PB134969   Baldwin Trail Nov 08 PB134975   Baldwin Trail Nov 08 PB134986   Baldwin Trail Nov 08
PC045153   Long Canyon Dec 08 PC045161   Long Canyon Dec 08 PC045179   Long Canyon Dec 08 PC045188   Long Canyon Dec 08
PC045206   Long Canyon Dec 08 PC045221   Long Canyon Dec 08 PC045235   Long Canyon Dec 08 PC045241   Long Canyon Dec 08
PC045259   Long Canyon Dec 08 PC045263   Long Canyon Dec 08 PC045288   Long Canyon Dec 08 PC305455   Lizard Head Dec 08
PC305522   Lizard Head Dec 08 PC305554   Lizard Head Dec 08 PC305559   Lizard Head Dec 08 PC305571   Lizard Head Dec 08