The Wild Wild West 2012

Abstractions derived from hiking pictures in 2012
P1055706 P1055755 P1105792 P1105812 P1195904 P1195957
P1196027 P1266103 P1266171 P2026218 P2026242 P2076370
P2096403 P2096407 P2096421 P2166519   We descend through a cypress-filled wash P2166529 P2236659
P2236697 P3016794   We're aiming for a slot in that deep shadow P3016950   One last dead tree P3067029 P3067047 P3137207
P3197369 P3217445 P3217479 P3217490 P3217506 P3217543
P3217568 P3227606 P4037727 P4057794 P4127963   Windy and cool weather this morning P4127974
P4127993 P4128051 P4198069 P4198113 P4298200 P5018225
P5018237 P5018259 P5018282 P5088328 P5178429   A horned toad P5248456
P5248459   An unusual brightly colored lizard P5248479 P5248508 P5248530 P7199818 P7269859
P7269877 P8309966 P9049980 P9060058 P9130195 P9200285   This is desert varnish, not rock layering
P9200301 P9250384 P9270449 P9270520 P9270530 PA020585
PA090634 PA160694   A butterfly stops by... PA160731 PA231026 PA231028 PA231146
PA231175 PA251230 PA251304 PA251349   Rich plant life at a seep PA251370 PB011462
PB011529 PB011570 PB011582 PB061674 PB061675 PB081692
PB081737 PB081771 PB081782 PB081791 PB081795 PB271984
PB292097 PC062159 PC062169   Yellow-green rick lichen PC062195 PC062204 PC062246
PC062325 PC132366 PC132434   Bad weather is moving in, with clouds thickening rapidly. We head back.` PC162473 PC182518 PC202584   We first climb up to the Birthing Cave, a sumbol of female fertility