Allens Bend Jul 08

On Oak Creek off Grasshopper Point
P7173038   ALLEN'S BEND P7173040 P7173041 P7173042
P7173043   Prepared step along the creek bank P7173044 P7173045   This odd concretion was covered with naturally-occurring "graffiti" on one side P7173046
P7173048 P7173050 P7173051   Poison ivy P7173052   This undercut has been used fo camping in recent times
P7173053 P7173054 P7173055 P7173056   An arched tree growing across the undercut
P7173057 P7173059 P7173060 P7173062
P7173063   Deadly nightshade P7173065 P7173066 P7173067
P7173068 P7173069 P7173070 P7173073
P7173074 P7173076 P7173077 P7173078
P7173080 P7173081 P7173083 P7173084
P7173085 P7173086 P7173087   We stop for lunch P7173089
P7173091 P7173092 P7173094   Mistletoe P7173095
P7173096 P7173097 P7173099 P7173100
P7173101 P7173102 P7173103 P7173104
P7173105 P7173107 P7173108 P7173109
P7173111 P7173112 P7173113 P7173114
P7173117 P7173118 P7173119 P7173120
P7173121 P7173122 P7173123 P7173124   An old farm fence with traces of an irrigation pump
P7173125 P7173126 P7173128 P7173129
P7173130 P7173131   The Grasshopper Point swimming hole... P7173132 P7173133
P7173134 P7173136 P7173137 P7173138
P7173140 P7173142 P7173143 P7173144   A large gall formed in a tree
P7173145 P7173146