Baby Bell Aug 08

A small rock north of Bell Rock/Courthouse
P8283802   BABY BELL P8283803   We start from the new parking area N of Bell Rock P8283804   Our target, baby Bell, is in the foreground P8283806
P8283807 P8283808 P8283809 P8283810
P8283811 P8283812 P8283813 P8283814
P8283815 P8283816 P8283817 P8283818
P8283819 P8283820 P8283821 P8283822
P8283824 P8283825 P8283827 P8283829   Now it's getting steep
P8283830 P8283831 P8283833 P8283835
P8283837   The toughest ledge for us all P8283838 P8283840   Now we're getting good views of Cathedral Rock P8283841   Loong back at the new parking area
P8283842 P8283843 P8283844 P8283845   On top!
P8283847   We pause for snack and water P8283849   Courthouse Butte P8283851 P8283852
P8283853 P8283854 P8283857   The Chapel, with a huge new house below and to the left P8283858
P8283859   The new divided road P8283861 P8283863 P8283864
P8283865 P8283866 P8283867 P8283868
P8283869 P8283870 P8283871 P8283876
P8283877   Back down from Baby Bell, we come upon this huge shet-irn rain collector... P8283878   ...and small concrete tank. We have no idea what it's for. P8283879 P8283880