Fay Canyon Oct 08

PA094336   FAY CANYON PA094337   There are only 6 of us today. We help a cyclist find what he's looking for. PA094339 PA094340
PA094341 PA094342 PA094343 PA094344
PA094345 PA094346 PA094347 PA094348
PA094349 PA094350 PA094351 PA094352
PA094353   No fall color yet, but here's a mossy rock PA094354 PA094355 PA094356
PA094357 PA094359 PA094363 PA094364
PA094365 PA094366 PA094369   Juniper berries PA094370   The spire that partially collapsed in 2003
PA094371   ...Causing this rockfall across the main trail PA094372 PA094373 PA094374   We press on past the rockfall
PA094375   Manzanita PA094376 PA094377   We stop for lunch... PA094378   ...while I scout ahead on the main trail
PA094379 PA094380 PA094381 PA094382
PA094384   The trail grazes the canyon wall... PA094385 PA094386 PA094387   ...Then passes through to the last bowl of the canyon...
PA094388   ...But this is as far as I went PA094389 PA094390 PA094391
PA094392 PA094393   I return to the lunch spot PA094394 PA094395
PA094396 PA094397   Heading back PA094399 PA094400
PA094401 PA094402 PA094403   Lollipop Rock PA094404