Forest Road Opening Jul 08

Opening Day for the renovated Hwy 179
P7263223   NORTHBOUND  FOREST ROAD OPENS P7263224   A Day In the West shuttles people from Bell Rock Plaza... P7263225 the new bell Rock North trailhead parking area P7263226
P7263227 P7263228 P7263229 P7263230
P7263231   Classic cars on display P7263232 P7263233 P7263234
P7263235 P7263236 P7263237 P7263238
P7263239 P7263240 P7263241 P7263242
P7263243 P7263244 P7263245   Local businesses and clubs man literatire tables P7263246
P7263247   Once again, ADOT explains roundabouts P7263250 P7263251   Lots of water, ice and juice is available for a hot day P7263252
P7263253 P7263254 P7263255 P7263256   These electric scooters are for sale in the Village
P7263257 P7263258 P7263259 P7263260
P7263261 P7263262 P7263263   Radio KAZM does a remote P7263264   I hike north along the new road. An erosion barrier...
P7263265 P7263266 P7263267 P7263268
P7263269 P7263270 P7263271 P7263272
P7263273   One of the new trail crossing culverts P7263274 P7263275 P7263276
P7263277 P7263278 P7263279 P7263280
P7263282 P7263283 P7263284 P7263285   Made it to the Back o' Beyond end!
P7263286 P7263287 P7263288   As seen from the new parking area at Little Horse P7263289
P7263290 P7263291   Heading back south on the Bell Rock Pathway P7263292 P7263293
P7263294 P7263296 P7263297 P7263298
P7263299   Back to the Bell North parking P7263300   Heading on sojuth to Bell Rock Plaza P7263301 P7263302
P7263303 P7263304 P7263305 P7263306