Fort Tuthill Aug 08

An old Civil War cavalry fort now used as a Coconino County park
P8143544   FORT TUTHILL P8143545   First, we take the Soldiers Trail P8143546 P8143547
P8143549 P8143550 P8143551   Hurles for equestrian training P8143552
P8143553 P8143554 P8143556   These logs are another horse jump... P8143557   ...with mushrooms
P8143558 P8143559   Mistletoe P8143560 P8143561
P8143562 P8143563 P8143564 P8143565
P8143567 P8143568 P8143570 P8143572
P8143573 P8143574   Stopping for lunch P8143575 P8143577
P8143578 P8143579 P8143580 P8143581
P8143582 P8143583 P8143585 P8143586
P8143587 P8143588   Is this a bear track? P8143589   A bobcat track P8143590   Coyote tracks
P8143591 P8143592 P8143593   August rain brings ferns P8143594
P8143595   Just a moment... P8143596 P8143597 P8143598
P8143599 P8143600 P8143601   An archery range P8143602   An archery target
P8143603   Thinning the forest: bringing out logs P8143604   This bear is also an archery target P8143606   The logger's dog P8143608
P8143609 P8143610 P8143611 P8143612
P8143613   Monsoon rising P8143614   Old buldings at the Fort P8143615 P8143616
P8143617 P8143619 P8143620 P8143621
P8143622 P8143623 P8143624   A stable for the horses P8143625
P8143626 P8143627 P8143628 P8143629
P8143630 P8143631 P8143632   A Goodyear blimp hangar