Griffith Springs Sep 08

Off Hwy 89A on the approach to Flagstaff above Oak Creek Canyon
P9184054   GRIFFITH SPRING P9184055   A mostly cloudy day, with possibility of weather later P9184056 P9184057
P9184058 P9184060   Late summer wildflowers persist P9184061 P9184062
P9184063   Boggy 'elk meadow' that attracts herds P9184064 P9184065 P9184066
P9184067 P9184069 P9184070 P9184071
P9184072 P9184073   A tall mullein stem P9184074 P9184075
P9184076 P9184077 P9184078 P9184079
P9184080 P9184081 P9184082 P9184083   This looks like a good spot for 'coffee break'...
P9184085 P9184086 P9184088 P9184089
P9184090 P9184091 P9184092   The upper loop of the trail is above these rocks P9184093
P9184094 P9184095   Water striders proliferate on this pond P9184096 P9184097
P9184099 P9184100 P9184101 P9184102
P9184103 P9184104 P9184105 P9184107
P9184109   Indian paintbrush on a leafy background P9184110 P9184111 P9184112
P9184113 P9184114 P9184115   Furthest from the trailhead, this culvert leads to a development golf course P9184117
P9184119   The ideal place for lunch P9184120 P9184121 P9184122
P9184123 P9184124   This dead grasshopper in the middle of the trail is being eaten by bees P9184125 P9184126
P9184127 P9184128 P9184129 P9184130
P9184131 P9184132 P9184133 P9184134
P9184135 P9184136 P9184137 P9184138
P9184139 P9184140 P9184141 P9184143
P9184144 P9184145   Now we're lookoing down from atop the cliffs we were earlier below. P9184146 P9184147
P9184148 P9184149 P9184150