Huckaby Trail Nov 08

Starting from Schnebly Hill Rd near Sedona
PB064688   HUCKABY TRAIL PB064690   Starting from the Schnebly Hill trailhead PB064691 PB064692   Snoopy Rock to our left
PB064693 PB064695 PB064696 PB064697   We negotiate a series of hills and washes, heading toward Oak Creek just north of town
PB064698 PB064699 PB064700 PB064701
PB064702 PB064703 PB064704   A sumac bush with leaves curled up to conserve water PB064705
PB064706 PB064707 PB064708 PB064709
PB064710 PB064712   A memorial bench on the trail PB064713 PB064714
PB064716   Cathedral Rock PB064717 PB064718 PB064719   Overlooking Uptown
PB064720 PB064721 PB064722 PB064723
PB064724 PB064725 PB064726 PB064727   We start down into Oak Creek Canyon
PB064728 PB064730 PB064731 PB064732
PB064733   Still far above 89A at this point... PB064734 PB064735 PB064737   ...but here we descend rapidly
PB064738 PB064739 PB064740 PB064741   Whose poop is this? It seems to be mostly berries
PB064742   We're down in the Canyon! PB064743 PB064744 PB064745
PB064746 PB064747 PB064748 PB064749
PB064750 PB064751 PB064752 PB064753   Because of recent rains, there is a lot more flow in Oak Creek than usual fro this time of year
PB064754 PB064755 PB064756 PB064757
PB064758 PB064760 PB064761   Approaching Midgly Bridge PB064762
PB064764 PB064765 PB064767   This is as far as we can go without crossing, and this time the water is too high for that PB064768
PB064772 PB064781 PB064782 PB064783
PB064788 PB064789 PB064790 PB064791   Our lunch spot
PB064794 PB064795 PB064796 PB064797
PB064798 PB064799 PB064800 PB064801
PB064802 PB064803 PB064804 PB064805
PB064806 PB064807 PB064808 PB064809
PB064810 PB064811 PB064812 PB064813
PB064814 PB064815 PB064816 PB064817
PB064818 PB064821   We're out of the canyon once again PB064822 PB064823
PB064824 PB064825 PB064826 PB064827
PB064828 PB064829 PB064830 PB064831
PB064832 PB064833 PB064834 PB064837   Back at the trailhead