Inner Basin Aug 08

Inner Basin is the blown-out portion of an ancient volcano, leaving San Francisco Peaks as the lesser summirs surrounding the missing high point of the original mountain
P8073437   HUMPHREY'S PEAK INNER BASIN P8073438   Mushrooms decorate a rotting stump P8073439   Each stand of aspens grows from a single root system P8073440
P8073441 P8073442 P8073443 P8073444
P8073445 P8073446 P8073447 P8073448
P8073449 P8073450 P8073451 P8073452
P8073453 P8073454 P8073455 P8073456
P8073457 P8073459 P8073460 P8073461
P8073462 P8073463 P8073464 P8073465
P8073466 P8073467 P8073469 P8073470
P8073472 P8073473 P8073474   Our first break P8073476
P8073477 P8073478 P8073479 P8073480   Getting closeto the mat of mosses and lichens
P8073482 P8073483 P8073484 P8073485
P8073488   An elk track P8073489 P8073490   We brea out onto a meadow at 9700' P8073491
P8073492 P8073493 P8073494 P8073495
P8073496 P8073497 P8073498   Amanita mushrooms P8073499
P8073501 P8073502 P8073503 P8073504   The Pumphouse, highest well drillled on the mountain
P8073505   This was where we stopped for lunch P8073506   Thunder rumbles as the sky darkens P8073507 P8073508
P8073509 P8073510 P8073511 P8073512
P8073514 P8073515 P8073516 P8073518
P8073519 P8073522 P8073523 P8073524   All around us, mushrooms help recycle the high-country dead
P8073525 P8073526 P8073527 P8073528
P8073529 P8073530   Made it!