Kelly Canyon Sep 08

Off Hwy 89A above Oak Creek Canyon south of Flagstaff
P9113924   KELLY CANYON P9113926 P9113927 P9113928   The velvety leaves of the common mullein have had many uses...
P9113929   ...from shoe liners to toilet paper P9113930   Plentiful monsoon rain has given us flowers all summer P9113931 P9113932
P9113933 P9113934 P9113935 P9113936
P9113937 P9113939   Pumphouse Wash P9113940   Around the first corner, the lead-in to Kelly Canyon P9113941
P9113942 P9113943 P9113944 P9113945
P9113946   This deep, narrow canyon shelters a shady trail running from 89A to I-17 P9113947 P9113948 P9113949
P9113951 P9113952 P9113953 P9113955
P9113956 P9113957 P9113958 P9113959
P9113960 P9113961 P9113962 P9113963
P9113964 P9113965 P9113966 P9113967
P9113969 P9113970 P9113971   A limestone wall with caves P9113972
P9113973 P9113974 P9113975   We go for the hole... P9113977   ...followed by a brief but steep climb out...
P9113978 P9113979   then a hairy traverse P9113980 P9113981
P9113982 P9113983 P9113984 P9113985
P9113986 P9113987 P9113988 P9113989
P9113990 P9113991 P9113992 P9113993
P9113994 P9113995 P9113996 P9113997
P9113998 P9113999 P9114000 P9114001   Our snack spot
P9114002 P9114004 P9114005 P9114006
P9114008 P9114009   Our van driver today P9114010 P9114011
P9114012 P9114013 P9114014 P9114016
P9114017   The next step beyond tree hugging: ponderosa smells like butterscotch when breathed on P9114018 P9114019 P9114020
P9114021 P9114022   Our lunch spot, a little under two miles out on the trail P9114023 P9114024
P9114025   We start our return P9114027 P9114028 P9114029
P9114030 P9114031 P9114032 P9114033
P9114034 P9114035 P9114036 P9114037
P9114038 P9114040 P9114041 P9114042
P9114043 P9114044 P9114045 P9114046
P9114047 P9114048   Polliwogs! P9114049 P9114050
P9114051 P9114052 P9114053