Lizard Head Dec 08

Starting from Thunder Mountain trailhead
PC305431   LIZARD HEAD PC305432 PC305433   Hiking with the Dogies this time PC305434   Our goal, Thunder Mountain
PC305435 PC305436 PC305437 PC305438
PC305440   On the way to Thunder Mountain, we stop off at the Amithaba Stupa PC305441 PC305442   By circling three times around it, counterclockwise... PC305443   ...our wishes are propitiated
PC305445   This project comes from the Buddhist community PC305446   It includes a Walk of Peace PC305447   A stupa is a reliquary for prayers and holy objects PC305448   Chimney Rock
PC305449   Leaving the stupa, we make our way across the saddle between Chiney Rock and Thunder Mountain PC305450 PC305451 PC305452
PC305453 PC305454 PC305455 PC305456
PC305457 PC305458 PC305459 PC305460
PC305461 PC305462   Here's the saddle... PC305463 PC305464
PC305465 PC305466 PC305467 PC305469
PC305470   That's our target, Lizard Head PC305471 PC305472   This prickly pear pad appears to have been chewed by a javelina PC305473
PC305474 PC305475 PC305476 PC305477   We pass an unsuccessful attempt to build a house
PC305479 PC305480 PC305481   A rock with lichen PC305482   Looking toward Doe Mountain
PC305484   Our snack stop... PC305486 PC305488 PC305489
PC305490 PC305491 PC305492   Cockscomb and Doe Mountain PC305495
PC305497 PC305499 PC305502   Starting up the side of Thunder Mountain PC305504   We can now see Balance Rock
PC305505 PC305506 PC305507 PC305508   Now it gets steep
PC305509 PC305511 PC305512 PC305513
PC305515 PC305516   There are several tricky climbing pitches PC305517 PC305518
PC305520 PC305522 PC305525 PC305526
PC305529   We break out on top! PC305530   This long ridge leads to Lizard Head PC305531   Looking back at the way we came, by Chimney Rock PC305532
PC305533   We're up on the Head PC305534 PC305535   Stopping for lunch PC305536
PC305537 PC305538 PC305539   In the distance: Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Courthouse, and Lee Mountain PC305540   To th left: snow-capped Mingus Mountain
PC305542   Houses directly below us to the west PC305543 PC305544 PC305545
PC305548 PC305549   Haji stands on the furthest summit PC305550 PC305551
PC305552 PC305553 PC305554 PC305555
PC305557 PC305558 PC305559 PC305560   Looking west across FR152
PC305561   The Enchantment PC305562   SWe head back down PC305564 PC305565
PC305568 PC305569 PC305570 PC305571   A desert cypress
PC305572 PC305573   Back toward Chimney Rock... PC305574   ...which we now circle in the opposite direction, on the Little Sugarloaf side PC305576
PC305577 PC305578