Long Canyon Dec 08

PC045149   LONG CANYON PC045150   Harry Grossman leads, making sure that everybody has signed in PC045151   Checking the trail map PC045153
PC045154   The mouth of Long Canyon is some distance from the trailhead PC045155 PC045156 PC045157
PC045158   Rachel's knoll, once a New Age icon owned by a hippie mother... PC045159   ...but now a part of the Seven Canyons real estate development PC045160 PC045161
PC045162 PC045163 PC045164   Turnoff for the Deadman Pass trail, to left PC045165
PC045166   Approaching the wilderness boundary PC045167 PC045170 PC045171
PC045172 PC045173 PC045174 PC045175   Nancy relaxes at our first water break
PC045176 PC045177   There's always time for a joke PC045178 PC045179
PC045180 PC045181 PC045182 PC045183
PC045184   At the wilderness boundary, we break up into two groups to satisfy the party size requirement PC045185   We start to encounter manzanita PC045186 PC045187   We find considerabe winter moss beside the trail, brought out by the cool weather
PC045188 PC045189   From here we get into the Canyon itself PC045190   We cross Long Canyon's major wash PC045191
PC045192 PC045193 PC045194 PC045195   In the shelter of the canyon, the forest thickens
PC045196 PC045197 PC045198 PC045199
PC045200 PC045202 PC045203 PC045204
PC045205 PC045206 PC045207 PC045208
PC045209 PC045211 PC045212 PC045213
PC045214 PC045215 PC045216 PC045217
PC045218 PC045219 PC045220   Here we turn off the main trail to head for the ruins PC045221
PC045223 PC045224 PC045225   Approaching the Sinagua ruin PC045226
PC045227 PC045228 PC045229 PC045230   In search of a good lunch spot, we climb to a point
PC045231 PC045232 PC045233 PC045235   LIchened, striated sandstone
PC045236 PC045237   From the point, we get a superb view of the small pocket we are in PC045238 PC045239
PC045240 PC045241 PC045242 PC045243
PC045244 PC045245 PC045246 PC045248   Making our way back down
PC045249 PC045250   Back at the ruin... PC045251   ...we find a metate PC045253
PC045254 PC045255   Continuing around the cliff face... PC045256 PC045257
PC045259 PC045260 PC045261 PC045262   ...we come to a cave
PC045263 PC045264 PC045265 PC045266
PC045267 PC045268 PC045269 PC045270   Water staining from above
PC045271 PC045272 PC045273 PC045274
PC045276   Back on the main trail PC045278 PC045279 PC045280
PC045281 PC045282 PC045283 PC045284
PC045285 PC045286 PC045287 PC045288   Recrossing the wash for the last time
PC045289 PC045290   We meet a ranger who looks remarkably like Dennis