Mingus Mountain Jun 08

P6262550   MINGUS MOUNTAIN Standing on the hang glider launch ramp P6262551   This is where you jump off... P6262552   ...to fly to Clarkdale or Cottonwood P6262553
P6262554 P6262555 P6262556 P6262557   GPS shows us the trails at Mingus summit
P6262558 P6262559 P6262560 P6262561   Looking in the direction of Jerome
P6262562 P6262563 P6262564 P6262565
P6262566 P6262567 P6262568   A large alligator juniper P6262569
P6262570 P6262571 P6262573 P6262575
P6262576 P6262577 P6262578 P6262580
P6262581 P6262582 P6262583 P6262584   Pointing out more spectacular views
P6262585 P6262586 P6262587 P6262588
P6262591 P6262594   Tiny orange ladybugs swarm on warm rocks P6262595   An old USGS survey benchmark P6262596   Penstemon in bloom
P6262597 P6262598 P6262599 P6262601
P6262603   Fungus bracts on a tree trunk P6262604 P6262605 P6262607
P6262608 P6262609 P6262610 P6262611
P6262612 P6262614 P6262615 P6262616
P6262617 P6262618 P6262621 P6262623   Jerome
P6262624   Clarkdale P6262625 P6262626 P6262627
P6262628 P6262630   It's not monsoon yet, but humid air is sweeping in from the Pacific P6262631 P6262632
P6262633 P6262634   Very tiny flowers P6262635 P6262636   An agave
P6262637   A century plant in bloom P6262639 P6262640 P6262641
P6262642 P6262643   On the way home, we stop at Haunted Hamburger in Jerome P6262644 P6262646
P6262647 P6262648   It features deck dining P6262649   The stairs to the lower level, where we parked P6262650