Munds Mountain May 08

From the trailhead at Schnebly Hill Vista
P5061892   MUNDS MOUNTAIN HIKE P5061893 P5061894 P5061895   A cliffrose tree
P5061896 P5061897 P5061898   Our cars recede as we climb the trail that angles up the rim from the Vista... P5061899
P5061900 P5061901 P5061902   A view of Cowpies P5061903
P5061904   Near the rim, we walk into trees P5061905 P5061906 P5061907   An alligator juniper
P5061908   Marker for the turnoff to Munds, Jacks and Hot Loop trails P5061909 P5061910 P5061911
P5061912   Phlox P5061913 P5061914 P5061915   Weirdly bent trees as we drop into the saddle
P5061916 P5061917 P5061918 P5061919
P5061920   Coffee break! P5061921 P5061922 P5061923
P5061924 P5061926 P5061927 P5061928
P5061930 P5061931 P5061932 P5061933
P5061934   Committee Tank P5061935 P5061936   Approaching Munds Mountain P5061937
P5061938 P5061939   The steepest part... P5061941 P5061942
P5061943 P5061945 P5061946 P5061948
P5061949 P5061950 P5061951 P5061952   We're on top!
P5061953   Elk pasture P5061954 P5061955   Elk have pawed this ground heavily P5061956
P5061957 P5061958   Clouds are rolling in, so we break early for lunch P5061959 P5061960
P5061961 P5061962 P5061963 P5061964
P5061965 P5061967 P5061969 P5061970
P5061972 P5061973   A tiny plant with feathery leaves P5061974 P5061975
P5061978   It's about to rain P5061979 P5061981 P5061982
P5061983 P5061984 P5061986 P5061987
P5061988 P5061989