Munds Wagon Trail Jul 08

This trail was the first road up Schnebly Hill, before cars could make the climb
P7243147   MUNDS WAGON TRAIL P7243148   This trail follows Schnebly Hill Road up to Vista Point... P7243149   ...though today we covered only the first 1.6 miles P7243150
P7243151 P7243153 P7243154 P7243155   Now is this the trail or just a wash?
P7243156 P7243157 P7243158   Becasue the trail is the first "old road", it crosses the present-day road several times P7243159
P7243161   Juniper berries P7243162 P7243163 P7243164
P7243165 P7243166 P7243167 P7243168
P7243169 P7243170 P7243171 P7243172
P7243173 P7243174 P7243175 P7243176
P7243177 P7243178 P7243180 P7243181
P7243182 P7243183 P7243184 P7243185
P7243186 P7243187 P7243188 P7243189
P7243190 P7243191 P7243192 P7243193
P7243194 P7243196 P7243197 P7243198
P7243200 P7243201 P7243202 P7243203
P7243204 P7243205 P7243207   A third-quarter moon... P7243208   ...and tadpoles below
P7243209 P7243211 P7243212 P7243213   Our 'hugging tree'
P7243214 P7243215 P7243216