Soldier Pass Arches May 08

P5151990   SOLDIER PASS - THE ARCHES P5151992   This is the first of the Amblers short summer hikes P5151993 P5151994
P5151995 P5151996 P5151997   The Devil's Kitchen sinkhole, largest in Sedona P5151998
P5151999 P5152000   This section of the wall will soon split off and fall P5152001 P5152002
P5152003   Seven Sacred Pools P5152004 P5152005 P5152006
P5152007 P5152008 P5152009   Climbing the side trail to the Arches... P5152010
P5152011 P5152012 P5152013 P5152014
P5152015 P5152016 P5152017 P5152018   The trail gets steeper...
P5152019 P5152020 P5152021 P5152022
P5152023   The Arches, caves being formed high in the rock wall, come into sight P5152024 P5152025   We're here! P5152027
P5152028 P5152029   We decide this is a good place to snack P5152030 P5152031
P5152032 P5152034 P5152035 P5152036
P5152037   Above us, whole sections of the arch are breaking down P5152038 P5152039   Pumpkin bread with butter, anyone? P5152042
P5152043 P5152044 P5152045 P5152046
P5152047 P5152048 P5152049 P5152053
P5152054 P5152055 P5152056 P5152058   A dark inner chamber
P5152060 P5152061 P5152062   Starting back down... P5152063
P5152064 P5152065 P5152066 P5152067
P5152068 P5152069 P5152070 P5152071
P5152072 P5152073 P5152074