Soldier Pass Oct 08

PA234590 1   SOLDIERS PASS LOOP PA234591 1   This time, our route is looping through Brins Mesa and Cibola PA234592 1 PA234593 1
PA234594 1 PA234596 1 PA234603 1 PA234604 1
PA234605 1   This blocl PA234606 1   Our first stop: Devil's Kitchen sinkhole. This bllock could cave in anytime. PA234607 1 PA234610 1
PA234612 1 PA234613 1 PA234614 1 PA234617 1
PA234618 1 PA234620 1   Seven Sacred Pools PA234623 1 PA234624 1
PA234625 1 PA234626 1   Climbing toward Brins Mesa PA234627 1 PA234628 1
PA234630 1 PA234631 1 PA234632 1 PA234633 1
PA234634 1 PA234635 1 PA234636 1 PA234639 1
PA234640 1 PA234641 1 PA234642 1 PA234643 1
PA234644 1 PA234645 1 PA234646 1 PA234647 1
PA234650 1   The Soldiers Pass caves PA234651 1 PA234652 1 PA234653 1
PA234657   Yes - that's Bell Rock we can see from here PA234658 PA234659 PA234660   The final pitch up to the Mesa
PA234661   A water stop just below the top PA234663 PA234664 PA234665
PA234666 PA234667   Brins Mesa, our highest point for the day. Trails fork here for Dry Creek Road. PA234668 PA234669
PA234671 PA234672 PA234673 PA234674
PA234591 PA234592 PA234593   Crossing the edge of the fire devastation PA234594
PA234595 PA234597 PA234598 PA234599
PA234600 PA234601 PA234602 PA234603
PA234604   The Fin, seen from the back PA234605   We start down the Cibola side PA234606 PA234608
PA234609 PA234610   A twisted Arizona cypress PA234611 PA234612
PA234613 PA234617   Cibola Mitten PA234618   We take a shortcut trail around the Cibola trailhead PA234623   A panorama from the top of the 'Toadstool' on the shortcut
PA234626 PA234627 PA234628   We're now on the front side of Cibola Mitten PA234629
PA234630   Rejoining the main trail back to Soldier Pass trailhead PA234631 PA234633 PA234634
PA234635 PA234638 PA234640   Cypress bark of many colors PA234642
PA234645 PA234646 PA234647 PA234648
PA234651 PA234652   Back at the Sinkhole PA234653 PA234654