Veit Spring Sep 08

On the access road to Arizona Snow Bowl off Hwy 180, at 9000 ft
P9254151   VEIT SPRING P9254152   Today, we're visiting the homestead of Ludwig Veit P9254153 P9254154
P9254155 P9254157 P9254158   Frost browning of ferns is the first sign of fall color P9254159   We emerge into a meadow
P9254160 P9254161 P9254162 P9254163
P9254164 P9254165 P9254166 P9254167
P9254169 P9254171 P9254172 P9254173
P9254174   We start wondering about the weather P9254175 P9254176 P9254178
P9254179 P9254181 P9254182 P9254183
P9254184   We encounter a cliff... P9254185   ...with petroglyphs P9254186 P9254188
P9254189 P9254190 P9254191 P9254193
P9254194 P9254195 P9254196 P9254197
P9254198   Veit's root cellar P9254199 P9254200 P9254201
P9254202 P9254203 P9254204 P9254205
P9254207 P9254208 P9254209 P9254210
P9254211 P9254213   Veit's cabin P9254214 P9254215   BANK OWNED
P9254216   The pause for refreshment P9254217 P9254218 P9254220   Fall color: so it begins
P9254221 P9254222 P9254223 P9254224
P9254226   A horned toad P9254227 P9254228 P9254229
P9254230 P9254231 P9254232