West Clear Creek May 08

P5292159   WEST CLEAR CREEK P5292160 P5292161   Passing through the trailhead gate P5292163
P5292164 P5292165 P5292167   A huge Arizona sycamore P5292168
P5292169 P5292170 P5292171 P5292172
P5292174 P5292175 P5292176 P5292177
P5292178   On a dead prickly pear, new life... P5292179   We find a dead ringtail P5292181 P5292182
P5292183   Entering an open meadow with an abandoned cabin P5292184   Our first sight of the creek P5292185 P5292186
P5292187 P5292188 P5292189 P5292190
P5292191 P5292192 P5292193 P5292194
P5292195 P5292196   Remnants of an old wall P5292197 P5292198
P5292199 P5292200 P5292201 P5292203
P5292204   We find a great snack spot P5292205 P5292207 P5292208
P5292209 P5292210 P5292211 P5292213
P5292215 P5292216 P5292217 P5292218
P5292219 P5292220 P5292221   Tiny fish fry in the creek P5292222
P5292223 P5292224   We find a cave in the bank P5292226 P5292227
P5292228 P5292229 P5292230 P5292231
P5292232 P5292233   A columbine P5292235 P5292236   Remnants of the old farm irrigation system
P5292237 P5292238 P5292239 P5292240
P5292241 P5292242   This is as far as we can go this time... P5292243 P5292244
P5292245   ...because the water is still too high for us to cross P5292246 P5292248 P5292249
P5292250 P5292252 P5292254 P5292255
P5292256 P5292257 P5292258 P5292259
P5292260 P5292261 P5292263 P5292264
P5292265 P5292266 P5292267 P5292268
P5292269   Camping at the trailhead