West Fork Jul 08

This side canyon off Oak CReek is known for its summer greens and fall splendor
P7313307   WEST FORK OAK CREEK P7313308 P7313309   'The Bobbsey Twins' in red P7313310
P7313311   Is this the first of our 13 crossings of the fork? P7313312 P7313313 P7313314
P7313316   Yes, this was once an apple orchard P7313317 P7313318 P7313319
P7313320 P7313321   Former swimming hole of the stars P7313322 P7313323
P7313324   All that remains of the old ranch P7313326   The storage cellar P7313327 P7313328
P7313329 P7313331 P7313333 P7313334
P7313335 P7313336 P7313338 P7313339
P7313340 P7313341 P7313342 P7313343
P7313344 P7313345 P7313347 P7313348   Still more crossings of the fork
P7313350 P7313351 P7313352 P7313353   Ponderosa...smells like butterscotch!
P7313354 P7313355   Our first break P7313356 P7313357
P7313358 P7313359 P7313360 P7313361
P7313363 P7313364 P7313365 P7313366
P7313367 P7313368 P7313369 P7313370   Sculptures...
P7313371   ...we found P7313372 P7313373 P7313375
P7313376 P7313377 P7313378 P7313379
P7313380 P7313381 P7313382 P7313383
P7313384 P7313386   See the Indian? P7313387   This was as far as we went. We need to start back to beat the heat. P7313388
P7313389 P7313390 P7313393 P7313394
P7313395 P7313396 P7313398 P7313399
P7313401 P7313402 P7313403 P7313405
P7313406 P7313407