West Fork May 08

P5011769   Getting ready at Call of the Canyon P5011770   The trail first takes us through an abandoned orchard P5011771   ...and across West Fork for the first time P5011772   This was the setting for the eponymous musical Western
P5011773 P5011774 P5011776 P5011777
P5011778 P5011779 P5011781   This swimming pool built for Gene Autry and the cast P5011782
P5011783 P5011784 P5011785 P5011786
P5011788   Ruins of the Mayhew Ranch P5011789 P5011790   The canyon walls get closer as we climb P5011791
P5011792 P5011793 P5011794   We cross the West Fork ten times on our three mlles of trail P5011795
P5011796 P5011797 P5011798 P5011799
P5011800 P5011801 P5011802 P5011803
P5011803 1 P5011804 P5011806   Coffee break! P5011807
P5011808 P5011809 P5011811 P5011812
P5011813 P5011814 P5011815 P5011817
P5011818 P5011819 P5011820 P5011821
P5011822 P5011823 P5011824 P5011825
P5011826 P5011827 P5011828 P5011829
P5011830 P5011831 P5011832 P5011833
P5011834   This was our stopping point, and a good place for lunch P5011835 P5011836 P5011837   Panormama starts here...
P5011838 P5011839 P5011840 P5011841
P5011842 P5011843 P5011844 P5011845
P5011846 P5011847 P5011848 P5011849
P5011850 LunchtimePanorama P5011851 P5011852
P5011853   We saw many of these little flowers along the way P5011855 P5011855 1 P5011856   Fish fry
P5011857 P5011858 P5011859 P5011860
P5011861 P5011862 P5011863 P5011864
P5011864 1 P5011865 P5011866 P5011867
P5011868 P5011869 P5011870 P5011871
P5011872 P5011873 P5011874 P5011875
P5011879   An unusual bird seen at our last rest stop P5011881 P5011882 P5011883
P5011884 P5011885 P5011886 P5011887
P5011888 P5011890 P5011891