Wilson Canyon Jun 08

From the Midgely Bridge trailhead
P6122405   WILSON CANYON P6122406   We enjoy cool weather with a slight breeze P6122407 P6122408
P6122409   Our first water: the last spring runoff pooling along a wash P6122410   Tadpoles! P6122412 P6122413
P6122415 P6122416 P6122417   Here the trail forks, and we climb into the upper Canyon P6122419   Even these small pools hold fish fry waiting for monsoon
P6122421 P6122422 P6122423 P6122424
P6122426 P6122427 P6122431 P6122432
P6122433   As we climb, the canyon walls close in P6122434 P6122435 P6122437
P6122439   The first waterfall, now amost dry P6122440 P6122441 P6122442
P6122443 P6122444   How frogs are made... P6122446 P6122448
P6122449 P6122450 P6122451 P6122452
P6122453 P6122454 P6122455 P6122456
P6122457 P6122458 P6122461 P6122462
P6122466 P6122467 P6122468 P6122469
P6122470 P6122471 P6122472 P6122473
P6122474   Time to pull up a rock and snack P6122475   The accommodations are so much more comfortable than last week P6122476 P6122477
P6122478 P6122479   We head back P6122480 P6122481
P6122482 P6122483 P6122484 P6122485
P6122486 P6122487   Prickly pear in bloom