Apache Maid Lookout Sep 09

HIke to a fire lookout south of Stoneman Lake
P9091146   APACHE MAID LOOKOUT P9091149   Hiking up the access road to the fire lookout P9091151 P9091152
P9091153 P9091154   Dry meadows and an empty cattle tank far below P9091156 P9091157
P9091158 P9091159 P9091160 P9091161
P9091162 P9091163 P9091164 P9091165   Olivia explains how her lookout works
P9091166 P9091168 P9091169   This lookout is a "12 x 12" foot style, 30' high P9091171
P9091172   A Forest Service utility truck P9091173   Other fire watchers gather to honor a retired comrade P9091174   We climb the tower P9091175
P9091177   Most of a wathcer's work time is spent outside on this catwalk P9091178 P9091179   A view from the top P9091180
P9091181   here is no electricity in the tower, just propane for the stove and heater... P9091183   ...and solar for the radios P9091184   The Osborne instrument is for getting the bearing of a fire P9091185   The radios
P9091186   This stool protects a watcher from lightning during storms P9091188 P9091189   A bearing taken on a fire... P9091190   ...combined with a bearing to the same fire from another tower allows the range to be fixed.
P9091191 P9091192   One of olivia's fellow wathcers explains use of the fold-down map P9091193   One of the functions of the map os to convert the degree bearings and mile ranges of a fire to land survey terms for bthe ground teams P9091194
P9091195   Periodically, the Osborne must be corrected to true north... P9091196   ...by making sure that the bearing to other visible lookouts match known values. P9091197 P9091198   Presenting the retirement award
P9091199   Fire watchers get a rare chance to go from being voices on the radio to meeting in person P9091200 P9091201   But outside, we see a storm approaching - time to leave P9091202
P9091203   This hand-operated pump supplies the water P9091204 P9091206   We head back down P9091207
P9091208   ...then off the mountain P9091209   Our group shot P9091210   As we descend, we watch the storm build P9091211
P9091213 P9091215 P9091216 P9091217
P9091218 P9091220   It hits just as we reach the cars P9091222