Baldwin Trail Apr 09

Starting from the Cathedral Rock trailhead, on the Templeton Trail
P4098040   BALDWIN TRAIL P4098042 P4098043   We first climb the base of Cathedral Rock P4098044
P4098045 P4098046 P4098047 P4098049   Then we take the Templeton Trail to the right
P4098050 P4098051   There are a lot of climbers on Cathedral this morning P4098052 P4098053
P4098054 P4098055 P4098056   Wildflowers are already coming out P4098057   Coming around Cathedral to the Oak Creek floodplain
P4098058   Some new houses near the Creek P4098060 P4098061 P4098062   Desert species give way to riparian trees in the floodplain
P4098063   We're now down on the flats beside Oak Creek P4098064 P4098065 P4098066
P4098067 P4098069 P4098070 P4098071   Someone has put up a tree swing here!
P4098073 P4098074   Not part of our group, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves P4098075 P4098076
P4098077 P4098079 P4098080 P4098081
P4098082   It's Dennis' turn P4098084 P4098086 P4098087
P4098088 P4098090 P4098091 P4098092   "John's dog found this spot" north of Red Rock Crossing
P4098093 P4098094 P4098095 P4098096   Besides group shots, this is a good place to see reflections in the Creek
P4098098 P4098100 P4098101   Red Rock Crossing P4098102
P4098103   A flutist entertains us P4098104 P4098105 P4098106
P4098107 P4098109 P4098110 P4098111
P4098112 P4098113 P4098114 P4098115
P4098116   Feeding the ducks P4098118 P4098119   On the park side of the Creek P4098120
P4098123 P4098125 P4098127   On the way back, I shoot wildflower closeups P4098128
P4098129   A children's group celebrates on Buddha Beach P4098130 P4098131 P4098132
P4098133 P4098134 P4098136 P4098137