Bear Mountain Nov 09

From the trailhead on Dry Creek Road at Doe Mountain
PB052556   BEAR MOUNTAIN PB052557 PB052558   The memorial to Steve Naumanson PB052559   The initial, steep climb up to First Bench
PB052560 PB052563 PB052564   A huge block calved off the wall above PB052565   The trail up the last part of the wall
PB052566 PB052567   On top of First Bench, looking west PB052568 PB052571
PB052572   Our snack stop PB052573 PB052575 PB052576
PB052577 PB052578 PB052579 PB052582
PB052583 PB052584 PB052585 PB052586
PB052587 PB052588 PB052589 PB052590
PB052591   Moving around the top of First Bench, we begin to see eastward into Fay Canyon PB052592 PB052593   We start descending into the Fay Canyon side PB052594   Our lunch target is at the edge of that shadow; Fay Canyon Overlook is to the left
PB052596 PB052598   We descend into a steep drainage PB052599 PB052601
PB052602 PB052604 PB052606 PB052608
PB052609 PB052610 PB052611 PB052612
PB052613 PB052614 PB052615 PB052616
PB052617 PB052618   UNderfoot, slickrock with patches of this sand-gravel mix PB052620   Does this fin look like the Ayatollah Khomeini? PB052621
PB052622 PB052623 PB052625   We seek a shady lunch spot on this wash PB052626
PB052627 PB052628 PB052629 PB052630
PB052631   Heding out onto Fy Canyon Overlook, a point above the canyon PB052632 PB052633   Steve Naumanson fell climbing this crack from the thin ledge below PB052634
PB052635 PB052636 PB052637 PB052638
PB052639 PB052641   The top of Fay Canyon PB052642 PB052643
PB052644   A short climb down the north sde of the point, far back, gets us onto a ledge leading forward PB052645   We come to the Bootlegger's Cave PB052646   Original bootlegger artifcts PB052647   Whisky barrels
PB052649   Drug paraphernalia, 1925-style PB052650   We continue taking the ledge forward from the cave PB052651 PB052652
PB052653 PB052654   The ledge gets narrower as we go PB052655   ...So this is as far as I go. PB052656
PB052657 PB052658 PB052659 PB052660
PB052661 PB052662 PB052663   We head back on a social trail alomg the steep face on the Fay Canyon side PB052664   This gives us spectacular views into the Canyon
PB052665 PB052667   Parking lot in view! PB052668 PB052669
PB052670 PB052671 PB052672   CAn you see where we came? PB052675
PB052676 PB052677   A smalll cave on the wall below First Bench PB052678 PB052679