Boynton Canyon Mushroom Dec 09

A side hike in Boynton Canyon
PB153511   BOYNTON CANYON - MUSHROOM PB153512   Starting next to the Enchantment Resort at the mouth of Boynton Canyon PB153513 PB153514
PB153515 PB153516 PB153517 PB153518
PB153519 PB153520 PB153521 PB153522   Memorial markers beside the Enchantment
PB153523 PB153524 PB153526 PB153527   This large stump marks the place where we turn rught off the public trail
PB153528   First, we bushwhack through a dense stand of cypress and juniper PB153530 PB153531 PB153532
PB153533 PB153534 PB153535   Our break spot, midway up the canyon PB153536
PB153537 PB153538 PB153539 PB153540
PB153541 PB153542 PB153543   Following the long side canyon to the Mushroom PB153544
PB153546 PB153547 PB153548 PB153549
PB153550 PB153552   Algae/rock plant colonies PB153553   Our only petroglyph, significance not known PB153555
PB153556 PB153557 PB153558 PB153559   Large manzanita
PB153560 PB153562 PB153563 PB153564
PB153565 PB153566 PB153570 PB153571
PB153572 PB153573 PB153574 PB153575
PB153576 PB153577 PB153578 PB153579
PB153581 PB153582 PB153583 PB153585
PB153586 PB153587 PB153588 PB153590
PB153591 PB153592 PB153593 PB153594
PB153595 PB153596   Most of the way to the top, we see the Mushroom for the first time PB153598 PB153599
PB153601 PB153602 PB153603 PB153604   We emerge on top!
PB153605   Standing on the Mushroom PB153606 PB153608 PB153610   A good spot for luch, with great views all around
PB153611 PB153613   Looking down Boynton Canyon in the direction we just came PB153614 PB153615
PB153616 PB153617 PB153618 PB153619   We head back down, with a side trip to a ruin
PB153621 PB153622 PB153624 PB153625
PB153626 PB153628 PB153629 PB153630
PB153631   Fossil lizard tracks... PB153632 PB153633 PB153634   Yellow-green lichen
PB153635 PB153637   The largest manzanita we have seen yet PB153638 PB153639   A wall viewed from the top
PB153640 PB153641   A window in the wall PB153642 PB153644
PB153645 PB153647 PB153648 PB153649
PB153650 PB153651   Crossing the wash one last time... PB153652   ...we rejoin the public trail PB153653
PB153654 PB153655