Carroll Canyon Dec 09

An in-town canyon starting at the Sedona Recycling Center
PC103421   CARROLL CANYON The trailhead at Sedona Recycles PC103422 PC103423 PC103424
PC103426 PC103427   After crossing a ridge we enter the canyon, which has a lot of ice after yesterday's rain PC103428 PC103429
PC103430 PC103431 PC103432 PC103433
PC103434 PC103435 PC103436 PC103437
PC103438 PC103439 PC103440 PC103441
PC103442   Frozen filigree PC103443   We cross a series of large pour-offs PC103444 PC103445
PC103446 PC103448 PC103449 PC103450   "The Skull" on the edge of the second pouroff
PC103451 PC103452 PC103453 PC103454
PC103455   the Carroll Canyon Arch PC103456 PC103457 PC103458
PC103459 PC103460 PC103461   Our break stop, midway down the canyon PC103462
PC103463 PC103464 PC103465 PC103467
PC103468 PC103469 PC103470 PC103471
PC103472 PC103473 PC103474   We come out of the canyon on a new trail PC103475
PC103476 PC103477   This trail takes us over the top... PC103478 PC103479 Red Rock Crossing
PC103481 PC103482 PC103483 PC103484
PC103485 PC103486 PC103488 PC103489
PC103490 PC103491   We follow oak Creek upstream to the end of the park PC103493   Our lunch spot PC103495
PC103496 PC103497 PC103499   We head up the hill, passing the original water-powered irrigation pump PC103502
PC103504   This takes us over several more ridges back up the trailhead PC103505 PC103508 PC103509   Whose track?