Devils Bridge Apr 09

From the devil's Bridge trailhead, one mile in on FR152
P4027711   DEVIL'S BRIDGE and VAN DEREN CABIN P4027712 P4027713 P4027714
P4027715 P4027717 P4027718   Stairstep sandstone ledges lead us up the hill P4027719   Our forst water break
P4027720 P4027721 P4027723 P4027725
P4027726   The Bridge comes into sight, against the cliff on the side of the hill P4027727 P4027728 P4027729
P4027730 P4027732 P4027733   Getting steep P4027734   Looking north from close to the level of the Bridge
P4027735 P4027736   Looking west over ther Seven Canyons resort. The white structure is a golf cart barn. P4027737 P4027738   Stairstepping on the trail
P4027739 P4027740   Other hikers have brought this white German shepherd P4027742 P4027744   Lots of hikers today, including this younger cimber
P4027749   First hiker on top of the Bridge P4027751 P4027752   On top... P4027753   Looking at our rest spot from the Bridge
P4027754 P4027755 P4027756 P4027757
P4027758 P4027759 P4027760 P4027761
P4027763 P4027764 P4027765 P4027766
P4027767   Some interesting cross-bedding P4027768   Now we take the turnoff going under the Bridge P4027769   Another arch forme in the side of the cliff beside the Bridge P4027770
P4027771 P4027772   The view from underneath P4027773 P4027774
P4027775 P4027776 P4027778 P4027779   Stopping off to see the Van Deeren cabin...
P4027780   A jeep tour P4027781 P4027782 P4027783   We break for lunch
P4027784 P4027785 P4027786 P4027787
P4027788 P4027789 P4027790 P4027791
P4027792 P4027794   Right next door, the Seven Canyons driving range P4027795 P4027796
P4027797   A few spring flowers