Fay Canyon Oct 09

PA011734   FAY CANYON PA011735   ...with a side trip to the Arch PA011736 PA011737
PA011738 PA011739 PA011740 PA011741
PA011742 PA011743 PA011745 PA011746
PA011748 PA011749   We leave the main trail here for the Arch PA011750 PA011751   C limbing steeply  up the side of the canyon
PA011752 PA011753 PA011754 PA011756
PA011757 PA011758 PA011759 PA011760   Approaching the Arch
PA011761 PA011762 PA011764 PA011765
PA011767 PA011768 PA011769 PA011771
PA011772 PA011774 PA011775 PA011776
PA011777 PA011778 PA011779 PA011780
PA011781   Break time under the Arch PA011782 PA011783 PA011784
PA011786 PA011787 PA011788 PA011789   Fungus bract on a tree trunk
PA011790 PA011792   Lunch at the rockfall PA011793 PA011795
PA011796 PA011797 PA011798 PA011799
PA011800 PA011801 PA011803   An alligator juniper PA011805