Fort Tuthill Jun 09

This old Civil War cavalry base near Flagstaff is now a Coconino County Park
P6189733   FORT TUTHILL P6189734 P6189735   Oops - forgot my boots! P6189736   Our hike begins along an abandoned logging railroad
P6189737   Equestrian jumps built for cavalry training and now used by clubs P6189738 P6189739   Our late spring rains have brought beautiful meadows P6189740
P6189741 P6189742 P6189743 P6189744
P6189746   Synchronizing GPSes P6189747 P6189749 P6189751
P6189753 P6189754 P6189755 P6189756
P6189757 P6189762 P6189763 P6189765   The old Army buildings
P6189766 P6189767 P6189768 P6189769   The stables