Girdner Trail Jan 09

Near Sdona Cultural Park
P1155877   GIRDNER TRAIL P1155878   Forming up at the Sedona Cultural Center P1155879   A solar ramada P1155880   The trail begins relatively on the level...
P1155881 P1155882 P1155883   An Oldsmobile dating back to the Forties P1155884
P1155885 P1155886   Capitol Butte P1155887 P1155888
P1155889 P1155891   The Cockscomb and Doe Mountain P1155892 P1155893
P1155895   Thin sandstone layers in a wash P1155896 P1155897 P1155898
P1155899   We descend fast for the first of a series of crossings of Dry Creek P1155900 P1155901 P1155902
P1155903 P1155904 P1155906 P1155907   It's still icy at 10 am
P1155908 P1155909 P1155910   We cross Dry Creek again P1155911
P1155912   Snack time! P1155914 P1155915 P1155916
P1155917 P1155918 P1155919 P1155920
P1155921 P1155923 P1155924 P1155925
P1155926 P1155927 P1155928 P1155929
P1155930 P1155931 P1155932 P1155933
P1155934 P1155936 P1155937 P1155938
P1155939 P1155940 P1155941 P1155942
P1155943 P1155944 P1155945 P1155946
P1155947 P1155948 P1155949   We find our lunch spot, at about the Gurdner's halfway point P1155950
P1155951 P1155952 P1155953   Rich green winter moss P1155954
P1155955 P1155956 P1155957 P1155958
P1155959 P1155960 P1155961 P1155962
P1155963 P1155964 P1155965 P1155966
P1155967 P1155968 P1155969 P1155972   We head back from the lunch spot
P1155973 P1155974 P1155975 P1155976
P1155977 P1155978 P1155979 P1155980   Cockscomb
P1155981 P1155982 P1155983   Back at Cultural Park, one of our Norm Herkenham memorial benches