Griffith Spring Sep 09

In Oak Creek Canyon above the Vista Point
P9171325   GRIFFITH SPRING P9171326   Checking the GPS P9171327 P9171328
P9171329 P9171330 P9171331 P9171332
P9171333 P9171334 P9171335 P9171336
P9171337 P9171338 P9171339 P9171340
P9171341   Our snack stop P9171342 P9171343 P9171344
P9171345 P9171346 P9171347 P9171348
P9171350 P9171351   End of the trail: this culvert leads into a development P9171352 P9171353
P9171354 P9171355   Shortly after starting back along the trail, our lunch stop P9171356 P9171357
P9171358 P9171359 P9171360 P9171361
P9171362   Shortly before we reach the c ars, a good lookoff point P9171363 P9171364 P9171365
P9171366 P9171367   Last chance for a group shot