Harding Spring Cookstove Sep 09

The car shuttle version of the steep trail up the east eall of Oak Creek Canyon
P9151253   HARDING SPRING TRAIL P9151255   At the trailhead, we hear an elk bugling P9151256   Starting point: a campground midway up Oak Creek Canyon. We arrange a car shuttle to the place where we will come out P9151257
P9151258   We steeply climb the Harding Spring trail up the wall of Oak Creek Canyon P9151259 P9151260 P9151261
P9151262 P9151264 P9151265 P9151267
P9151268 P9151270   We emerge onto the Canyon rim at a good place for our snack P9151271 P9151272
P9151273 P9151276 P9151277   We proceed another mile along the rim to the top of Cookstove Canyon P9151278
P9151280 P9151281 P9151282 P9151283
P9151284   This is a good place for lunch P9151286 P9151287 P9151288
P9151289 P9151290 P9151291 P9151292
P9151293 P9151294 P9151295 P9151296
P9151297 P9151298 P9151299 P9151300
P9151301 P9151302 P9151303 P9151304
P9151306 P9151307 P9151308 P9151309   We descend the very steep Cookstove Trail back to the road
P9151310 P9151311 P9151312 P9151314
P9151315 P9151316 P9151317 P9151318
P9151319 P9151320 P9151322 P9151323
P9151324   The landmark Oak Creek water fountain on the road. A family refills its water bottles.