Historic Clarkdale Dec 09

A Christmastime walk through historic Clarkdale.
PC093356   HISTORIC CLARKDALE Upper Town, above the train depot PC093357   Site of the US Copper smelter PC093358   The old mine infirmary buildings are now a civic center PC093359   The main informary building is now the museum
PC093360 PC093361 PC093362 PC093363   The present day police station...
PC093364   ...and library PC093365 PC093366   An art show is in progress here PC093367
PC093368   St. Cecilia's PC093369   Now the city hall PC093371 PC093372
PC093373 PC093374   The commercial district: first, an alley behind the strip PC093375 PC093377
PC093378 PC093379 PC093380   The park, backed by a snowy Mingus Mountain PC093381
PC093382 PC093383 PC093384 PC093385
PC093386   We walk the residential part of town. Six different architectural styles are represented. PC093387 PC093388 PC093389   The bungalow was the most popu;ar option
PC093390   Each house came with wrought iron fencing PC093391 PC093392   Over the years, some of these houses have been extensively remodeled PC093393
PC093395 PC093396 PC093397 PC093398
PC093399   There is just one Tudor revival house in town PC093400 PC093401 PC093402
PC093403 PC093405 PC093406 PC093407
PC093408 PC093409 PC093411   The nation's only copper-sheathed gas station PC093412   The copper is covered with a polyurethane preservative
PC093413 PC093414 PC093415   Our lunch spot - with atmosphere PC093416
PC093417 PC093418 PC093419 PC093420