Historic South Rim Nov 09

This short hike from Grand Canyon Village to Yavapai Point emphasizes the historical Village
PB102680   HISTORIC SOUTH RIM PB102681 PB102683 PB102684   To the art galleries in the Village
PB102685 PB102686   The Kolb House, a poineer home tat meanders six stories down the side of South Rim PB102687   The top floor is the entrance and gift shop PB102688   The gallery floor, almost ready for public viewing
PB102689 PB102690   The picture against the foreplace is a lecture given when the house was new PB102691 PB102692   Continuing below the gallery, living space...
PB102693 PB102694 PB102695 PB102696
PB102698 PB102699 PB102700   The kitchen PB102701   he back of this small pantry is the Canyon wall itself
PB102702 PB102703   The original 1935 refrigerator, still running PB102704 PB102705
PB102706 PB102707 PB102708 PB102709   The formal dining table is expandable
PB102710 PB102711   A refurbished bathroom PB102712 PB102713   This balcony hangs over the Canyon
PB102714   An original steam radiator PB102715   On the lowest levels, there is still construction going in PB102716 PB102717
PB102718   Kolb's artist workbench... PB102719   ...and the darkroom that was the center of his photographic life PB102720 PB102721
PB102722 PB102723 PB102724 PB102726   This modern set of 26 heating zones...
PB102727   ...delivers heat from this boiler PB102728 PB102730   In restoration, the house has been anchored directly to the Canyon wall PB102731
PB102732 PB102733   Back upstairs, a mechanical gramophone PB102734 PB102735
PB102736 PB102737 PB102738 PB102740
PB102741 PB102742 PB102743 PB102744
PB102745 PB102746 PB102747 PB102748
PB102749 PB102750 PB102751 PB102752
PB102753 PB102754 PB102755 PB102756
PB102757 PB102758 PB102759 PB102760
PB102761 PB102762 PB102765 PB102766
PB102767   South Rim is the most international spot in Arizona PB102768   The observing station at Yavapai Point PB102770   The Verkamp Store, which is still in use PB102772
PB102773 PB102774 PB102775   The Watchtower lies in the direction of Cameron. Here, a Korean tour bus waits. PB102776   The Watchtower was a 1933 project by architect Mary Colter
PB102777 PB102778 PB102779 PB102780   The lowest, legest room in the tower is the Kiva Room. The ceiling is made of woven logs rescued from the old Grandview Hotel.
PB102781   Above are several levels with Fred Kabotie murals depicting Hopi culture PB102784 PB102785 PB102786
PB102787 PB102788 PB102789 PB102790
PB102791 PB102792 PB102795 PB102797
PB102798 PB102801 PB102802 PB102804
PB102805 PB102806 PB102808 PB102809
PB102810 PB102811 PB102812 PB102813
PB102814 PB102816 PB102817 PB102818
PB102819 PB102821 PB102823