Inner Basin Jun 09

The valley on the north side of San Francisco Peaks formed by the ancient volcanic blowout
P6259802   INNER BASIN P6259803   A monsoony day seems to be getting underway already P6259804 P6259805
P6259806 P6259807 P6259808 P6259809
P6259810 P6259811   Struck by lightning! P6259812   An unusual forked ponderosa P6259813
P6259815 P6259816 P6259817 P6259818
P6259819 P6259820 P6259821 P6259822
P6259823 P6259825 P6259826 P6259828
P6259830 P6259831 P6259832 P6259833
P6259835 P6259836 P6259837 P6259838
P6259839 P6259840 P6259842 P6259843
P6259845 P6259846 P6259848 P6259849
P6259850 P6259851 P6259852 P6259854
P6259856 P6259857   A female spider with egg sac P6259858 P6259859
P6259860 P6259862   Made it to the pumphouse at last! But we can already feel the first few drops of rain. P6259863 P6259864
P6259865   Flowers in the meadow at 9800' P6259866 P6259867 P6259871   Wild strawberry
P6259873   The pump works P6259874 P6259875 P6259876
P6259877 P6259878   The tiniest flower we have seen to date