Jim Bryant Trail Mar 09

From the Little Horse trailhead in the Chapel area
P3127420   JIM BRYANT TRAIL P3127421 P3127422 P3127423   A Norm Herkenham bench
P3127424 P3127425 P3127426 P3127427
P3127428 P3127429 P3127430   First we climb toward Chicken Point P3127431
P3127432 P3127433 P3127435 P3127436
P3127438 P3127439 P3127440 P3127441
P3127442 P3127443 P3127444 P3127445
P3127446 P3127447   At Chicken Point, we take our snack break P3127448 P3127449
P3127450 P3127451 P3127452 P3127454
P3127455 P3127456 P3127457 P3127458
P3127459   We stop for lunch in Jim Bryant Canyon P3127460 P3127462 P3127463
P3127464 P3127465 P3127466 P3127467
P3127468 P3127469 P3127470 P3127471
P3127472 P3127473 P3127474 P3127475   One of the earliest blooms of spring