Jim Thompson Wilson Sep 09

From the Jordan Rd. Trailhead
P9221470   JIM THOMPSON/WILSON CANYON P9221471   This time, we're going to make a round trip up Wilson Canyon via the Jim Thompson Trail P9221472 P9221473
P9221474 P9221476 P9221477 P9221478
P9221479   We cross the front of Steamboat Rock P9221480 P9221481 P9221482
P9221483 P9221484 P9221485 P9221486
P9221487 P9221489   The cattle tank, now empty, near the end of the Jim Thompson P9221490 P9221491
P9221492 P9221493 P9221494 P9221495
P9221496 P9221497 P9221498 P9221499
P9221500 P9221501 P9221502   Near Midgley Bridge, we start up Wilson Canyon P9221503
P9221505   A sacred datura P9221506 P9221508 P9221509
P9221510   Our spectacular lunch spot at the end of WIlson P9221511 P9221512 P9221514
P9221515 P9221517 P9221518 P9221519
P9221520 P9221522 P9221524   This duck marks a steep side trail P9221525