Llama Trail Feb 09

From the north Bell Rock trailhead
P2196405   LLAMA TRAIL P2196406   First, we take the Courthouse Loop in from the trailhead P2196407   Our leader today is Bob Allison P2196408
P2196409 P2196410 P2196411 P2196412
P2196413   The Llama Trail forks off to the left P2196414 P2196415 P2196416
P2196418 P2196419 P2196420 P2196421   The trail takes us north through the bowl between Courthouse and Little Horse
P2196422 P2196423 P2196425 P2196426
P2196427 P2196428 P2196430 P2196431
P2196432 P2196433 P2196434 P2196435
P2196436 P2196437 P2196438 P2196439
P2196440   Bell Rock from the back P2196441   Courthouse Butte P2196442   Our snack spot: a set of eight scour pools P2196444
P2196445 P2196446 P2196447 P2196448
P2196449 P2196450 P2196451 P2196452
P2196453 P2196454 P2196456   Bob Allison points out that these small purple buds mark our first spring bloomer P2196457
P2196458 P2196459 P2196460 P2196461
P2196462   Cyclists pass by on the turnoff to Little Horse P2196463 P2196464 P2196466
P2196467 P2196468 P2196469   Coyote scat, with evidnce of a rabbit meal P2196470
P2196471 P2196472 P2196473 P2196475   We join the Little Horse trail, heading back toward the road
P2196476 P2196477 P2196478   We find a lunch spot P2196479
P2196480   The group picture, backed by Cathedral Rock P2196482 P2196483 P2196484
P2196485   We take the Bell Rock Path fork here... P2196486   ...which takes us south to our starting point P2196487 P2196488
P2196489 P2196490 P2196491   Almost home!