Mingus Mountain Loop Oct 09

Three short trails on the top of the mountain combined to make a loop
PA272309   MINGUS MOUNTAIN LOOP PA272310   The weather is cloudy and very cold, with some wind, at 7800' PA272311 PA272312
PA272313 PA272314 PA272315 PA272316
PA272320 PA272321 PA272323 PA272326
PA272327   Scrub oak, used as 'Arizona holly' in season PA272329 PA272330   Fall color remains only in a few sheltered spots, because most of the leaves have blown off the trees PA272331
PA272332 PA272333 PA272335 PA272339
PA272340 PA272341 PA272343 PA272344
PA272345 PA272349 PA272350 PA272351
PA272352 PA272354 PA272356 PA272357
PA272358 PA272359 PA272360   A bigtooth maple PA272361
PA272362 PA272363 PA272364 PA272365
PA272366 PA272367 PA272368 PA272371
PA272372 PA272373 PA272374 PA272375
PA272376 PA272377 PA272378 PA272379   The hang glider launch area on the ridge facing Clarkdale
PA272381 PA272382 PA272383