Mitten Ridge via Bear Wallow Apr 09

From higher on Schnebly Hill Road than last month's hike, and hoping to see wildflowers
P4168339   MITTEN RIDGE VIA BEAR WALLOW (Test of polarizer) P4168340 P4168342   This basalt-strewn rocky flat draws New Agers P4168343
P4168344 P4168345 P4168346 P4168347
P4168348 P4168349 P4168350 P4168351   Once through the level forested area of Bear Wallow, we start on a long open ledge
P4168353 P4168354 P4168355 P4168356
P4168357 P4168358 P4168359   Indian paintbrush P4168360   Coffee break
P4168361 P4168362 P4168363 P4168364
P4168365   Big blocks have tumbled from the cliffs above P4168366 P4168367 P4168369   The ledges are followed by a steady bare rock climb to the saddle
P4168370 P4168371   Cold wind today, but clear views of Midgly Bridge and Uptown P4168373   Today's group shot P4168374
P4168375   The lunch spot P4168376 P4168377 P4168378
P4168380   On the way back, close up to wildflowers. These are black eyed daisies. P4168382   Fleabane: note the thinner petals P4168383   Indian paintbrush P4168385
P4168387   Perky Sue P4168390   Cliffrose P4168391 P4168392   Verbena
P4168393   Hedgehog cactus P4168394 P4168396