Munds Mountain Nov 09

From Vista Point at the top of Schnebly Hill Road
PB032446   MUNDS MOUNTAIN PB032447 PB032448 PB032449
PB032451 PB032452   The first part of the trail is a long diagonal up the side of the hill to Jacks Point PB032453 PB032454
PB032455 PB032456 PB032457 PB032458
PB032459 PB032460   Near the saddle, a sheltering forest PB032461 PB032463
PB032465 PB032467 PB032468 PB032469
PB032470 PB032471 PB032473 PB032474
PB032475 PB032477 PB032478 PB032479
PB032481 PB032482 PB032483 PB032484
PB032485 PB032486 PB032487   Snack break PB032488
PB032489 PB032490 PB032491 PB032492
PB032493 PB032494 PB032495 PB032496   At Jacks Point we make the turnoff for Munds Mountain
PB032497 PB032498 PB032500 PB032501
PB032503 PB032504 PB032505 PB032507
PB032508 PB032509 PB032510 PB032511   On top, Munds Mountain is a flat that is an elk meadow in spring
PB032512 PB032513 PB032514 PB032515
PB032517 PB032518 PB032521 PB032522
PB032523 PB032524   Our lunch spot PB032526 PB032527
PB032528 PB032529 PB032530 PB032531
PB032533 PB032534 PB032535 PB032536
PB032537 PB032539 PB032540 PB032541
PB032542 PB032543 PB032544 PB032545