Narrow Canyon Loop Nov 09

From the trailhead at the end of FR 152
PB172905   NARROW CANYON LOOP PB172906   At the trailhead at the end of FR152 PB172908 PB172909   We start out on the Dry Creek Trail
PB172910 PB172911 PB172912 PB172914
PB172915 PB172918 PB172919 PB172921
PB172922 PB172923 PB172924 PB172925
PB172926 PB172927 PB172928 PB172929
PB172930 PB172931 PB172932 PB172933   Now we fork off onto social trails to eventually connect to the Vultee Arch Trail
PB172935   Our break spot in a wash at the head of a huge dry waterfall PB172936 PB172937 PB172938
PB172939 PB172940 PB172941 PB172943
PB172945   Our first sighting of bear scat PB172946 PB172947 PB172948
PB172949 PB172951   More bear scat, now with more manzanita berries PB172952 PB172953
PB172954 PB172955   Our first big vista point PB172956 PB172957
PB172958   A hedgehog cactus PB172959 PB172960   The large-stemmed species of manzanita PB172961
PB172962 PB172963 PB172964 PB172965
PB172966 PB172967 PB172968 PB172969   Our lunch spot on a steep slope above a wash
PB172971 PB172973 PB172974 PB172975
PB172976 PB172977 PB172978 PB172979
PB172980 PB172981 PB172982 PB172983
PB172984 PB172985 PB172986 PB172987
PB172988 PB172989 PB172990 PB172991   Ledge walking around the next hill toward Minihan's Cave
PB172992 PB172993 PB172994 PB172995
PB172996 PB172997 PB172998 PB172999
PB173000 PB173001 PB173002 PB173003
PB173004 PB173005 PB173006   The lookout point above the cave PB173008
PB173009 PB173010 PB173012   Afer a steep scramble down, the cave appears PB173013
PB173014 PB173015 PB173016 PB173017   There is a lot of rock art in the cave, including this scorpion...
PB173018 PB173019   ...and the 'hands' theme found in so many other local caves PB173020 PB173021
PB173023 PB173024 PB173025 PB173027   We leave the cave down through a brushy wash
PB173028 PB173029 PB173030   The wash takes us tothe Vultee Trail and back PB173031