Parsons Spring May 09

From near Tuzigoot in the Verde Valley
P5129202   PARSON'S SPRING P5129204   The trailhead is near Tuzigoot. We start down into the the canyon of Sycamore Creek. P5129205   Because Sycamore is one of the few perennial streams in the area, it nourishes a rich riparian habitat P5129206   Hiking upstream along the creek. This is the last Westerners hike of the 2008-9 season.
P5129207 P5129209 P5129210 P5129211
P5129213 P5129214 P5129216 P5129217
P5129218 P5129219 P5129222 P5129223
P5129224   Summer Spring, about a third of the way in P5129226   Memorial to a hiker who liked this area P5129227 P5129228   The first of several creek crossings
P5129230 P5129231 P5129233 P5129234   The swimming hole. Parts of it are deep enough for diving.
P5129235 P5129236 P5129237 P5129238
P5129239 P5129240 P5129242 P5129243
P5129245   As the canyon walls close in, we hike narrowing ledges P5129246 P5129247 P5129248   The season's first prickly pear blossoms
P5129249 P5129250 P5129252 P5129253
P5129254 P5129255 P5129256 P5129257
P5129258 P5129259 P5129260 P5129262
P5129263 P5129264 P5129265 P5129266
P5129267 P5129268 P5129269 P5129270
P5129271   We reach Parson's Spring, 4.4 miles from the trailhead P5129272 P5129274 P5129275
P5129277 P5129279 P5129280 P5129281
P5129283 P5129284 P5129286 P5129288
P5129290 P5129294 P5129296 P5129298
P5129299 P5129300 P5129302 P5129304
P5129305 P5129306 P5129307 P5129309
P5129310 P5129312 P5129313 P5129314   A 5' gopher snake
P5129316 P5129317 P5129318 P5129319
P5129321 P5129322 P5129323 P5129325
P5129326 P5129328 P5129331 P5129332
P5129334   Returning past the swimming hole... P5129335 P5129337 P5129341   ...and Summer Spring
P5129342 P5129344 P5129345 P5129346
P5129348   Climbing back out of the canyon