Rabbit Ears Dec 09

From the east side of Courthouse Butte in Village of Oak Creek
PC223743   RABBIT EARS Rain threatens, but we're on our way PC223744 PC223745   Circling around the south face of Courthouse Butte to the east side PC223746
PC223747   The large wash east of Courthouse PC223748 PC223749 PC223750
PC223751   Over the ridge in the direction of Rabbit Ears PC223753 PC223755 PC223758   Our break spot: west slope of the steep valley before Rabbit Ears
PC223759   Rabbit Ears across the valley PC223760 PC223761   We encounter intermittent rain PC223762   Shagbark junipers are plentiful here
PC223763 PC223764 PC223766 PC223769
PC223770 PC223771 PC223772 PC223773   Lunch under Rabbit Ears at the head of the last wash
PC223774 PC223775 PC223778 PC223780
PC223781 PC223782 PC223783 PC223784
PC223785 PC223786 PC223787 PC223788
PC223789 PC223791 PC223792 PC223793
PC223794 PC223795   A growth of moss in teh large wash