Red Rock Crossing Jan 09

From Red Rock Crossing Park
P1075580   RED ROCK CROSSING OVERLOOK P1075581   A Trackers photo hike, hosted by Bob Shuman P1075582   We go to the rimrock overlooking the Crossing... P1075583
P1075584   ...then capture reflections of the surrounding rocks in the last  two hours before sunset P1075585   Cathedral Rock P1075587 P1075588
P1075590 P1075592 P1075593 P1075596   This is an HDR from 3 exposures
P1075599 1 P1075602 1 P1075606 P1075609
P1075610 1   A large variety of cameras are in use P1075611 1 P1075613 1 P1075615 1
P1075617 1   Capitol Butte P1075618 1 P1075621 P1075624
P1075627   Who says pictures don't lie? P1075631   An HDR of 3 exposures P1075632 1 P1075635   An HDR of 3 exposures
P1075638 P1075639 1 P1075640 1   We had several reflecting pools to choose from P1075643
P1075644 P1075649 P1075654 P1075595
P1075600 P1075601   We wander all over the mesa, searching fvor goos picture possibilities P1075602   An HDR of 3 exposures P1075607   An HDR of 3 exposures
P1075612 P1075622   An HDR of 3 exposures P1075627 1   An HDR of 3 exposures P1075633
P1075638 1 P1075640 P1075645 P1075646   An HDR of 5 exposures
P1075651 P1075652   An HDR of 5 exposures P1075657   An HDR of 5 exposures P1075662
P1075663 P1075668 P1075678   As the sun goes lower in the sky, the scene changes P1075679
P1075680 P1075682 P1075683 P1075684
P1075685 P1075687 P1075689 P1075690
P1075692   Another moon shot P1075693 P1075695 P1075696
P1075697 P1075698   Wilson Mountain P1075700 P1075701
P1075703 P1075705 P1075706   Last light - the sun is almost gone! P1075707
P1075708 P1075709   After this shot,  HDRs of 5 exposures