Scheurman Mountain Nov 09

From Lower Red Rock Loop Rd
PB122824   SCHEURMAN MOUNTAIN LOOP PB122826   A dark, windy day - perfect for dramatic clouds PB122827   This cliff face is known for swallow nests PB122828
PB122829 PB122831 PB122832 PB122833
PB122834 PB122836 PB122837 PB122839   Our first obective is the Pyramid
PB122840 PB122841 PB122842 PB122843
PB122845 PB122846 PB122847 PB122848
PB122849 PB122850 PB122851   On top at the Pyramid PB122852
PB122853 PB122854   THis summit of huge broken blocks is our snack spot PB122855 PB122856
PB122857 PB122859 PB122860 PB122861
PB122862 PB122863 PB122864 PB122867
PB122868 PB122869 PB122870 PB122872
PB122873   Who piled this? PB122874 PB122875 PB122876   We find an unusual cactus
PB122877 PB122878 PB122880 PB122881
PB122882   Our lunch spot: top of Scheurman Mountain PB122884 PB122885 PB122886
PB122887 PB122890   The trail heads down steeply from here... PB122891 PB122892   ...To REd Rock High
PB122893   Directly across Upper Red Rock Loop, we strta the Herkenham TRail PB122894 PB122895 PB122897
PB122898 PB122899   A felloe hiker with a dog PB122900 PB122903